SONIA POREJ - General Assembly, Chairperson

Second year IB student. She has participated at several other MUNs and will be chairing the GA. She is a very well read person who has had the opportunity to travel all around the world in order to broaden her horizons, and very much enjoys meeting people from various countries and cultural backgrounds. Her interests include international relations, psychology, English, and history. She is a very good listener and is very much interested in learning about anything she can, and looks forward to meeting all the BIMUN delegates.


IVA PUDAR - General Assembly, Vice - Chairperson

Goes to Belgrade Philological high-school and plans to apply to the Belgrade Law school. She has alread y participated twice as a delegate at BIMUN Junior and is looking forward to representing her team at BIMUN Junior 2018. An open-minded and friendly person who is always ready to take on a new challenge. Interested in almost anything revolving around human rights and equality and believes that kindness is the essence of greatness.


MILICA ĐURĐEVIĆ - General Assembly, Vice - Chairperson

A high school student finishing her final years. She was a delegate at BIMUN 2015 and 2016 and became a team member in 2017 and will again in 2018. She is versatile and is very interested in international relations. She enjoys travelling and meeting new cultures and languages. Furthermore, she very interested in in history and economics. Considers BIMUN as the best opportunity to broaden your horizons.





ALEKSA STOJANOVIĆ - General Assembly, Recording Secretary

Senior at Philological High School in Belgrade. He has participated before at BIMUN as a delegate of the Security Council and once at VIMUN, also as a delegate of the Security Council. Wants to study International Relations and will apply to Princeton, Columbia, Yale, and several other universities of the like. Besides politics, hi so ther interests include music, films, languages, literature and history. He is inquisitive, ambitious, and righteous. If he could, he would use a time machine to go back in to the past and prevent wars from happening. Looks forward to meeting everyone at BIMUN 2018!