NIKOLA TUCAKOV - General Assembly, First Committee, Chairperson

Studying International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. His academic interests are political philosophy, international politics and history. He also enjoys literature and learning foreign languages, of which he currently speaks four. He is a goal-oriented and meticulous person, and a great believer in good planning as a prerequisite of success.


NEBOJŠA GALIĆ - General Assembly, First Committee, Vice - Chairperson

Goes to the Belgrade Philological high-school. Interest in politics, economy (though not of the academic sort) and languages. A generally decent person with a slight (read unsatiable) propensity to make cyinical remarks on just about everything.


ZOJA MILOVANČEVIĆ - General Assembly, First Committee, Vice - Chairperson

Goes to the Third Belgrade Grammar School. She is interested in international relations, psychology and biology. She's an outgoing and curious person that loves to find herself in the middle of a serious discussion. She loves to travel and explore and believes that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.





MIHAILO TODOROVIĆ - General Assembly, First Committee, Recording Secretary

Goes to the Third Belgrade Grammar School. Very interested in international relations, languages and economy. Loves travelling, meeting and exploring different cultures and debating. An open-minded and friendly person who believes that small steps lead to success.


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Belgrade International Model UN - BIMUN

United Nations Association of Serbia

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