SAVA JOVETIĆ - Security Council, President

Studies International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. His interest in this field was sparked by participating in the We The People debate competition in the United States during his exchange year over the FLEX program. He is a curious, friendly, and determined person, and believes that an open mind and the right approach are the key to success.


NIKOLA MILOŠEVIĆ - Security Council, Vice-President

Goes to the "Rudjer Boskovic" high-school, IB diploma programe. His main interests are economics and global issues, and is planning in studying these topics in further education. His hobbies are sports, but he also loves debating and socializing.


NINA SRDIĆ HADŽI-NEŠIĆ - Security Council, Vice-President

Goes to the Third Belgrade Grammar School and is interested in both social and natural sciences. She is a curious and open-minded person who loves exploring endlessly. Her main hobbies, besides involvement in BIMUN, are acting and peer tutoring. She’s also a passionate scuba-diver and traveler who loves meeting new people. She believes that a mind is like a parachute- it doesn't work if it is not open.





MILICA ANDRIĆ - Security Council, Recording secretary

Goes to Belgrade Philological high-school. A versatile, open-minded person who can discuss anything as long as she has a cup of tea. Interested in economics and psychology.
She thinks knowledge can be found at all corners of life and believes in love above all.




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Belgrade International Model UN - BIMUN

United Nations Association of Serbia

Tel/Fax: + 381 11 322 46 48

Address: 22 /III Makedonska street,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

bimun.unaserbia@ gmail.com

 UNA-Serbia - Member of  WFUNA