Tatjana Toković  - Security Council Crisis Committee, President

Studies International Relations, Faculty of Political Science. Enthusiast, opportunist; energetic organizer and committed leader; although very versatile person, she has her mind set on concrete goals; believes that surrounded with the right people everything is achievable.


Mijat Kostić - Security Council Crisis Committee, Crisis manager

Third year student of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. He considers himself to be idealist who believes in dialogue and tolerance as the key to creating a better world for everyone, but he also understands the nature of the conflicts and the fact that the means sometimes justify the better end. His fields of academic interest are ethics, religion, political theory and political philosophy. Beside the science he also enjoys all kinds of art especially music and poetry.


MILAN VARDA - Security Council Crisis Committee, Vice - President

Studies International Relations at Faculty of Political Science. His main fields of interest are global governance and international security. He believes that communication and comprehension of long-term interests are the key for solving most conflicts. He likes meeting new people and learning new skills. His other interests are political theory, philosophy, economy and physics.


VELJKO RISTIĆ - Security Council Crisis Committee, Recording Secretary

Student of International Relations at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences. He was awarded with a year long scholarship (2013/2014) from the State Department (US) to study in an American high school where, among other things, he started debating which is now one of his biggest passions. He's a history buff, has interest in international law and economy and wants to master speaking at least 5 languages.

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